Meet Tamie

Hi, I’m Tamie- I love weddings especially the bonds I get to form with my couples’. People have called me a design genius, wedding checklist mastermind with the girl next-door smile and personality who seriously knows how to get stuff done.

I help couples create amazing design concepts for their dream wedding and ultimately, use all of my resources to make things happen.

See, I’ve got a not-so-secret superpower: a sixth sense for turning bits and pieces of wedding inspiration into a complete masterpiece that would completely wow your guests.

My clients are unique and they usually want their weddings to reflect their personalities while following proper wedding etiquette and without being boring, old fashioned or trendy.

I am Aquarius, I don’t do trends

But this is about so much more than just creating pretty things.

You matter to me: I work closely with my lovebirds to help them develop a strong foundation in their relationship before they walk down the aisle. Although the fun and juicy bits of wedding planning is in the design and décor, I want to see my couples have an amazing and lifelong partnership; I am truly committed to this.

Here’s how we’ll make it happen:

Creating a vision for yourself, your relationship and the wedding will be at the forefront of our process.

It takes proven strategies, and a deep, intuitive connection to each other to create a beautiful wedding and a lasting union. When you both are in harmony… magic just can’t help unfolding. Your bond builds and you share more in the wedding planning tasks.

It all begins when you make your partnership the priority and allow it to set the stage for your wedding day. You do that by artfully and practically looking for ways to increase communication, passion and romance with fun and use tools to resolve conflict effectively. I can help you through coaching, workshops and our romantic luxury retreats in Jamaica.

I won’t tell you what you want to hear all the time. In fact, I’m probably going to ask you to detach from some planning tasks on your wedding checklist if you are becoming overwhelmed, anxious and or nervous. That is why you hired me right?
No worries, I can promise you one thing: your results will. be. epic. Period.

Professional Bio

Inspired by my childhood memories in Jamaica and enhanced by my diverse heritage and fashion career, I have developed a multifaceted visual perception of colors, textures, scale and decor. I love weddings, which led me to study wedding planning here in America and to visit Europe to master the art of floral design first hand. I hold a degree in Interior Design and multiple floral and wedding planning affiliations and I am also a certified Life and Relationship Coach.
I hand select wedding partners and have access to any variety of unique products and services. Chic, classic, or romantic, each wedding is completely customized based on your needs. My passion for vintage is often seen in my designs and if you choose me as your Wedding Planner, I guarantee you complete satisfaction…

Specialties: Luxury Wedding Planner, Certified Life & Relationship Coach, Speaker, Author

Ready to work with me? 

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  • Wedding Planner 100%
  • Florist 100%
  • Life Coach 100%

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